Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Certificate of authenticity

If you've already blown through the Astronomical League's observing lists and have run out of places to get official kudos for your observing prowess, you're in luck!

The authors of The Night Sky Observers Guide have come up with two new observing lists for which they are offering certificates.

1. The Showpiece Objects Certificate – An introductory certificate requiring the observation of 94 objects. This is a listing of Kepple and Sanner Volumes 1 & 2 ***** objects with Declinations north of –30o. It includes many bright, familiar objects (e.g., M-Objects) and helps the observer begin his pursuit of the more challenging Comprehensive Certificate. While the Declination “cut-off” of –30o eliminates 7 spectacular objects (e.g., NGC-5139 and NGC-5128), the remaining objects should be observable by individuals from northern latitudes similar to that of the Kiski Astronomers.

2. The Comprehensive Certificate - This is a listing of all Kepple and Sanner Volumes 1 & 2 ***** and **** objects regardless of Declination. Observing all 400 objects may require observations to be conducted from various sites at a variety of latitudes. Kepple and Sanner recently updated the visual ratings of several of these objects. Consequently, 7 of them were promoted to while 9 others were removed from the ***** and **** lists. Thus, your volumes will not be in a 1:1 agreement with the attached K&S logging sheets.

They'll even give you credit if you've completed the AL's Messier list. The certificates are being offered through the Kiski Astronomers club of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania.


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