Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mu Boo

This is what happens sometimes instead of working. You're pretending to be designing a newsletter and suddenly you get an idea for a T-shirt and have to drop everything to explore your Creative Vision. I don't know why I never get these Uncontrollable Creative Urges for client work. Oh well.

Seriously, did you ever think about the fact that there's a star called "ยต Boo"? Which got me thinking about the various versions of the "boo" story, which I think originated with Lou Gehrig ("They're not yelling 'boo,' they're yelling, 'Lou!' "). There was also a comedian who had a riff about Little League in which his father told him, "They're not yelling "boo," they're yelling "Jew!" And of course, the one everyone knows these days, Hans Moleman: "I was saying Boo-urns."

My personal favorite was from an interview with Tom Petty on, I believe, the "History of Rock 'n' Roll" series, in which he described opening up for Bruce Springsteen way back when. He thought everyone was yelling "boo," and was so disgusted when they finished their set, he mentioned it to a roadie. "They weren't yelling "boo," they were yelling "Bruce," said the roadie. Tom Petty shrugged, "What's the difference?"

Which is all a long preamble to my latest oeuvre, the "Bootes" t-shirt:


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