Friday, April 14, 2006

Off-topic: Word play

On the way home yesterday, I was thinking about made-up words that are a combination of two other words, like ginormous or stepmonster or edutainment or sacrelicious.

There's a kind of subclass that describe hybrid objects where you need a new word:

Fork + Spoon = Spork
Skirt + Shorts = Skort

A couple of my other favorites are "Spave" (when you spend in order to save) and "Swunt" (an unintentional bunt, when you swing but don't make connection with the ball properly).

(I googled "made-up words" and came across an index called -- a great time-waster if you're a word junkie like me.)


At 12:35 PM, Blogger Ben C. said...

Hey! None of my least favorites made it to the unword site:

- automagic
- automagical
- automagically



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