Thursday, March 09, 2006

Star-hunting party

If you live in a severely light-polluted area like me, here's something we can do to help quantify it:

Join thousands of other students, families, and educators by participating in GLOBE at Night—an international event designed to observe and record the visible stars as a means of measuring light pollution in a given location. Participation is open to anyone—anywhere in the world—who can get outside and look skyward during the week of March 22-29, 2006! There is no cost to participate in GLOBE at Night. Help us reach our goal of 5000 observations from around the world!

I reckon it would take me about a minute to count all the stars I can see in Orion from my backyard—all ten of them. Sigh.


At 5:32 PM, Blogger Anthony Arrigo said...

Wow... look at all those stars up there.... there must be... dozens of them ;-)
Sorry... I couldn't help myself. One minute to count all the stars you can see? Oh... never mind... that's just Orion. Could me worse, I guess. Could be 10 in the whole sky... like in NYC or LA. I feel very lucky in that regard. I live in Park City, UT... and have gone just over mag 6.0 directly... and to about mag 6.5 using averted vision. I've never tried this from some of the more remote sites I observe from... but they're MUCH darker.
I enjoyed your comments about the IDA website. Guess I've just gotten used to it through the years.
Anyway... thanks for stopping by my blog. I figured I'd come and checkout yours after reading your cheery comments about the future of earth-based astronomy ;-)
You've got a very nice site. Hey... when I clicked on your name to see who posted the comment, it tried to take me to ie with no "." between mag3skies and This failed... you might want to fix that.
Take care!


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