Saturday, February 25, 2006

IDA needs help

The International Dark-Sky Association can always use your help, especially financially, for their good works. But I'm talking about their website. What a mess! I received a piece of mail asking me to vote for 6 board members. They kindly included a short bio for each candidate, but I thought I'd go to the website and find out more about them and what their platforms are. No such luck. Not only is there no mention of the Board elections on the home page (if you can call it that), but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere.

You know there's a problem when a website has a link called "Site users guide" at the top (in addition to "keyword index," "site map," and "search the site"!) If you have to explain it how your site works, then you've done something wrong. It's dreadful in just about every aspect.

When I get more time, I'm going to seriously consider sending them a proposal for a redesign. That site is like a cry for help.


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