Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sign #357 of the apocalypse

Probably these so-called "megacryometeors" are old news to you. But I'm just getting to hear about them, so on the blog they go.

Exhibit A, giant ice chunks fall out the sky in Spain in 2000. Since then they've been reported falling in many other countries, including a "440-pound behemoth" in Brazil. The Spanish researcher who chased down the ice chunks and analysed them speculated that low ozone levels due to global warming might be the cause.

It's no wonder all those wacko fundies think the End of Days is nigh. I'm really looking forward to swimming to work while trying to dodge giant ice balls from the sky and snakehead fish from below.


At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an interesting scientific article about megacryometeors.
It was published in the prestigious 'Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry'

Source website:



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